Asset Protection through Estate Planning and Business Planning

The Swenson Law Firm aims to protect your assets through Estate Planning and Business Planning. The firm is located in Sacramento County and provides legal services to individuals, families and business owners throughout California.  Check out their upcoming seminars.

Estate Planning Legal Services

One of the missions of The Swenson Law Firm is to strengthen families through Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney and other Estate Planning strategies. They also guide families through the challenges of administering estates after the loss of a loved one. They love what they do because they love helping families. Sign up for a free seminar or free Estate Planning consultation. They would be honored to meet with you to see how they can assist you and your family. The Swenson Law Firm can assist you with:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Healthcare Directives
  • Property Transfers
  • Estate Administration
  • Probate
  • Other Estate Planning Counsel

Business Legal Services

Owning a business is rewarding, but there are risks and liabilities involved, especially in California. Fortunately, many business issues can be avoided with proper business protection.  The Swenson Law Firm can assist you in putting the proper precautions into place, such as:

  • Creating or Reviewing Employment Contracts
  • Reviewing Lease Agreements
  • Creating Partnership Agreements
  • Assist in the Incorporation Process
  • Assist with Corporate Meetings
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Other General Business Legal Counsel

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