Estate Planning is More Than Money Planning

Although money is often the main subject when talking about Estate Planning, family values, traditions and stories are also valuable. There are ways to build family values into your estate plan. It may be helpful to hold a family meeting in which you discuss your legacy and certain aspects of your estate plan.

Tell your Story

It may be helpful to tell your family the story of how you got to where you are today. This may help them to better respect and use their inheritance for good. You can tell your story using many different methods. Here are a few methods for sharing your story:

  • Audio- Many phones now have a voice memo feature to record your stories. You may want to have your loved ones ask you about different parts of your life. By recording these stories, they can be available for future generations.
  • Video- With today’s technology, it is easy to record stories from your past. It may seem awkward to have yourself recorded, but future generations will likely cherish these video recordings.
  • Photo Albums- Many families have kept photo albums with photos of family members for generations. It is important to have these photos scanned. This will protect them from damage, such as water or fire. If one of these tragedies does happen, you will still have the digital copies. Additionally, having digital copies, allows for you to more easily share these precious photos with other family members.
  • Written History- If you are a writer, you may feel more comfortable writing your personal history. You may want to include both the ups and the downs for future generations to learn from.
  • Letters- You may want to write letters to your family members with a request of when your family members will receive them and when they are to be opened and read.

Along with sharing their story, some people opt to add their values into their financial Estate Plan. This can be done through Incentive Trusts, Educational Trusts, and Charitable Trusts.

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