Get Ready for Your Summer Plans

With the weather warming up, people are looking forward to their summer plans. Prior to going on Going on Vacation as a Coupleyour trip, you should review your Estate Planning Documents. Knowing that everything is taken care of at home allows you to sleep more peacefully and enjoy your vacation.

4 Things to consider adding to your checklist:

Guardian Nomination

Guardian NominationIf it’s just you and your spouse going on vacation, you have the kids to consider. You want to make sure that they are well taken care of while you are away. Check that your guardian nomination is up to date, on the small chance that something goes wrong. This will help you to relax knowing that your children will be in the right hands.


If you don’t have this completed yet, now is the time. Without a guardian nomination, the court determines who will raise your children and it may not be the person that you would choose on your own.


Check to make sure that your beneficiary designations are up to date. Take some time to contact your Insurance Agent or Financial Planner and make sure that the beneficiary designations are not out of date.

If you have a trust, make sure that your trust is properly funded. If you have opened up new bank accounts, investment accounts, or real estate, be sure to properly fund your trust. Contact your Estate Planning Attorney to answer questions about funding your trust. Additionally, make sure that your designations in your trust are still current.

Powers of Attorney

Getting sick or injured while traveling is stressful enough without having Powers of Attorney in place. Knowing that your care will be handled as you wish can cut down on worries that you may have of being away from home.


Sign your will Are your will, trust, and other documents signed? Some people leave them unsigned because they are waiting for them to be perfect. However, it is often better to have something signed then nothing at all. If they are not signed yet, it is a good idea for an Estate Planning Attorney to review your documents to make sure that they are signed properly. You will want your documents to be valid.

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