Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Estate planning is much more than just planning for what happens to your property after you die. Most importantly, it includes a plan for what happens to you when you can no longer make choices for yourself and what happens to those who depend on you for their support. A good plan involves strategic tax planning and may include philanthropic gifts as well.


Probate serves several functions. The decedent’s creditors are protected; taxes owing from the estate, if any, are paid; the rights of the heirs are established; and the court pronounces how title “devolves.” Probate can be a complicated and intimidating process. The Swenson Law Firm provides guidance and counsel to administrators, creditors and heirs to navigate through the probate system.

Trust Administration

Most trustees have never administered a trust. We understand that the responsibilities of a trustee can be overwhelming so we provide guidance and assistance to trustees to help make the process easy to navigate.

Business Planning

We want your business to succeed. We have helped may entrepreneurs be successful by helping them select and form the best business structure for their needs. Whether it be a corporation, an LLC, a partnership, or even just a sole proprietorship, we can help you create something that will work for you. We also provide guidance and assistance with common issues that business owners confront, like employment practices, contracts, and intellectual property protection.

Business Formation

One of the most significant decisions a business owner needs to makes is the legal entity through which the business will be conducted. Forms of entities available in California provide different levels of asset protection for the business owner, tax advantages and disadvantages, complexity or simplicity of management, and other characteristics.

Contract Law

In business, contracts are the law by which every transaction will be judged.  Poorly negotiated and drafted contracts leave business exposed to uncertainty and unnecessary risk.

Employment Law

Hiring employees comes with an abundance of rules, regulations and risks of litigation that can be daunting to small business owners.

Intellectual Property Law

Many small businesses don’t recognize how central intellectual property is to their business model.   Experts believe that the total value of intellectual property held by businesses throughout the world is between $5 and $10 trillion!  Chances are, your business owns some of that.

Internet Law

We are living in the Information Age and with that, the internet is key to business success. With more and more businesses taking their business on-line, there are new legal issues and an Internet Lawyer may be who you are seeking.