Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property protectionMany small businesses don’t recognize how central intellectual property is to their business model.   Experts believe that the total value of intellectual property held by businesses throughout the world is between $5 and $10 trillion!  Chances are, your business owns some of that.  The first step in adequately protecting your intellectual property is recognizing what intellectual property you own.


Copyrightable material is created in nearly every business, nearly every day.  Copyrights protect the original expressions of an idea.  A legally protected copyright is created the instant an idea is put onto a fixed format (written, photographed, recorded, etc.).  You don’t have to make movies or write novels to have copyrights.  Most copyrighted material is more mundane, such as manuals, interoffice memos, computer programs, blogs, forms, etc.  In the Internet world we live in, the ease of “copy and paste” has made copyright violation rampant.  Businesses need to know not only how to protect their own copyrights, but more importantly, how to avoid violating someone else’s.


In order to properly protect your Trademark, it should be registered. Trademarks are used to protect brand names and logos used on services or goods. With such a tremendous amount of time, money and effort spent building goodwill and recognition, you can’t afford not to protect your trademarks. Call us, we can help.

Trade Secrets / Unfair Trade Practices

Often, the most valuable part of a business is how the business does its business.  The business world is very competitive.  Business piracy, theft of trade secrets, industrial espionage and other unfair practices within the business world can be devastating to a business owner’s honest, hard work.  We help businesses implement protections against unscrupulous practices and help businesses go after those who pose unfair threats to their bottom lines.

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