Business Formation

One of the most significant decisions a business owner needs to makes is the legal entity through which the business will be conducted. Forms of entities available in California provide different levels of asset protection for the business owner, tax advantages and disadvantages, complexity or simplicity of management, and other characteristics. In addition to sole proprietorships, LLC, Corporation, and Non-Profit are small business entities available in California.

LLC Formation Services

Limited liability companies are non-corporate business entities with one or more owners called members who usually don’t have personal liability for the debts of the LLC. An LLC has the limited liability advantages of a corporation and the tax advantages of a partnership.
The Swenson Law Firm offers a variety of options for business people who think an LLC is the right entity to carry out their venture through.

Corporation Formation Services

A corporation is an entity that offers limited liability to the owners, who are called shareholders. The shareholders are typically not liable for the corporation’s debts and obligations just because they are the owners. Corporations are usually taxed as separate entities and the dividends taxed again when they are paid to the shareholders (known as double-taxation). However, some corporations may meet certain requirements to elect S corporation status, which means that the corporation’s net income, losses, and tax credits are “passed through” to the shareholders.

The Swenson Law Firm offers a variety of options for business people who think a Corporation is the right entity to carry out their venture through.

Non-profit Formation Services

People start non-profit entities for innumerable reasons. Most people who are thinking about starting a non-profit are often surprised to learn that “non-profit” and “tax exempt” are two completely different concepts. Not all non-profits are tax-exempt and not all tax-exempt entities are non-profit.
Non-profits utilize the same basic entity structures as for-profit entities (i.e. – corporations, LLCs, and unincorporated associations) but there are more restrictions on activities the entities may engage in and there are specific language requirements that must be in the by-laws and other filing documents.

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