Trust Administration

After a loved one passes away, there are certain items that need to be taken care of. Soon after the death, you will want to make sure that your professional advisors are notified and working together. This would include their CPA, financial advisor, or estate planning attorney.

The Swenson Law Firm can assist with the trust administration regardless of whether their services were utilized prior to death, unless otherwise noted by the decedent. An Estate Planning Attorney can assist in explaining the will, Living Trust and other estate planning documents. Some of the items that need to be taken care of after the death of a loved one are:

  • Order copies of the death certificate
  • Contact the employer and find out about life insurance, 401k, and other benefits
  • Change medical, dental, and other benefits
  • Cancel individual credit cards and merchant cards
  • Contact credit agencies to report the death
  • Contact the Social Security Administration
  • Find all the documents needed to itemize your estate‚Äôs assets (deeds, stock certificates, bank accounts)
  • Update insurance coverage
  • Review the new tax situation
  • Issues dealing with business ownership
  • Retitle real estate
  • Update your own estate and financial plan

The Swenson Law Firm can assist you in administering the trust of a loved one.