Tips for Preventing Employment Lawsuits

Employment lawsuitIf you are an employer, you likely understand the importance of taking every preventative measure possible to avoid an employment lawsuit. Not only can litigation be time-consuming and expensive, it can also be damaging to your reputation. Below are a few tips to help you prevent and avoid employment litigation in California:

  • Always provide employees with an updated employee handbook.
  • Make sure you pay your employees for all of the hours they have worked. This issue has been the basis of thousands of lawsuits.
  • Treat your employees according to their proper classification under the law. In other words, do not treat your nonexempt employees as exempt. Also, do not treat employees as if they are independent contractors. These types of claims can result in class action claims as well as result in you owing unpaid taxes.
  • Give your employees breaks, including a proper amount of time for eating a meal, if warranted.
  • Educate yourself regarding all of the legal requirements of your specific industry. You must ensure that you are abiding by not only federal and state law, but also the mandates of the municipality where your business is operating.
  • Understand what accommodations must be made for disabled employees. This is a hot topic for litigation.
  • Train your managers on how to implement your company’s policies and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Make sure you stay updated on the changes in the law. One of the best ways to do this is to retain an experienced employment lawyer to assist your business with all of its legal needs.

The above list is not exhaustive and every business has its own unique circumstances that must be considered. Additionally, if your business is facing a lawsuit, we can help. The Swenson Law Firm specializes in business lawsuits and strives to help you in an effective, efficient, and affordable manner.  We are located in Sacramento County, and serve clients throughout California. To learn more about the issues discussed in this blog or how The Swenson Law Firm can assist you, contact us today for an appointment. Call us at 916-333-0833.

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